East Hull Community Farm

East Hull Community Farm has been in existence for the best part of 20 years, and produces eggs, some bacon, sausage, beefburgers and lamb, and some seasonal fruit and vegetables. It is a registered charity and provides activity, education and training for adults with learning difficulties. The Farm shop is open weekdays up till 4pm.

The eggs are from barn raised Rhode Island Reds, currently producing about 300 eggs a day. The sheep on the farm produced 18 surviving lambs this year, and sheep shearing is an annual event. There are traditional breeds of pigs producing piglets, and calves which are raised for a local farm, where they spend a further period being fattened as beef cattle. The community farm is also home to ducks, turkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs, a cow, a donkey and a goat. There are some vegetable patches, raised beds and a large greenhouse.

With the current pressures on funding, it appears that the farm may not be able to provide activities on five days a week any longer. The open day on Saturday 7 May 2011 was designed to bring the farm to the attention of the public and was very well attended.  It was a well-organised fun day out, run by friendly, helpful and  knowledgeable people, making it possible to learn a lot about the farm.

Location and contact details for the farm are East Hull Community Farm, Barnham Road, Bilton Grange, Hull, HU9 4EE, phone 01482 783990.

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