Oppose the Mega Dairy proposal

You may have read in the press about a factory farm proposal which has been seeking planning permission in Lincolnshire. The factory would be built at Nocton and raises various issues. Public pressure has resulted in a smaller scale proposal than originally envisaged, but the new proposal would still be the largest cow factory farm in the UK, with up to 4000 cows kept in grass-free conditions. Farms like this are going to be bad for climate change, bad for cows and bad for other farmers.

If we want to stop US-style factory farms being introduced to the UK, we need to make sure this planning application is rejected. If this mega-dairy goes ahead, it will be 30 times bigger than anything the UK has ever seen. It could open the floodgates for more cow factory farms across the country.
If you have not already signed the petition at
please do so before the deadline of 11 January 2011, when the petition will be submitted to Lincolnshire County Council.

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