Pickering Road Community Orchard

Pickering Road Community Orchard

At a recent meeting of Transition Hull we had Yvette Grindley talking to us about the Pickering Road Community Orchard.   Website http://www.hullorchard.co.uk

The orchard was planted a few years ago with Lottery Funding in response to the NHS 5-a-day campaign. It has 350 trees providing 26 varieties of apples!  They are all northern varieties, either heritage or modern. The orchard was planted up by volunteers and has matured to produce a regular crop.

Sponsors can pay £2 a year, which secures them 2 kilos at harvest time. Harvest extends from early August to late October.

Yvette is the Events Organiser and has invited Transition Hull members and friends to the May Day celebration. This will be held Sunday 1 May 12.30 to 3.00 pm. Maypole and Morris Dancers are involved!

The orchard has recently obtained BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) funding for a compost toilet to use at the site.

The orchard is gated so passers-by cannot just pop in – but visits can be arranged by contacting the Secretary Sue Goddard, phone 329369 or email sue@wheelbarrow5.karoo.co.uk

Besides the apples, the orchard has bees, and produces its own honey for sale. It also produces its own apple juice, which visitors can purchase if they bring sterilised bottles to fill.

Yvette also mentioned a new initiative to set up an orchard on Ella Street, likely to involve apple, pear, cherry, walnut and hazelnut trees. This initiative is being supported by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the Pickering Road Community Orchard.

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