Thornton Fresh Food Coop

 “FRUIT, VEG and more…”
The Thornton Fresh Food Cooperative opened on 7th October 2011 and is run by volunteers from the Thornton Estate in west Hull. In its first month volunteers put in a total of 600 hours, all eager to make this wonderful project a success.

The shop aims to sell locally sourced, top quality fresh veg as cheaply as possible. It also sells basic grocery items and some meats, which are supplied by a local butcher. Customers are consulted on what they would like the shop to sell and encouraged to make the coop their own.

This is a locally run cooperative in Hull and is well worth a visit. The prices are low, the food is fresh and tasty and everyone is made to feel welcome. Such an innovative idea deserves to be supported, so why not  go and see for yourselves? Opening times are:  

  • Monday-  10am-4.30pm
  • Tuesday-  10am-4.30pm
  • Wednesday- Closed
  • Thursday-10am-6.00pm
  • Friday-10am-4.30
  • Saturday -9.00-1.30

The address is:  20 Goodwin Parade, Walker Street, Hull HU33HA
Tel 01482 213264

Lausanne Tranter, Tranition Hull Co-ordinator, Dec 2011


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