Growers Get Together

Hull and East Riding meeting facilitated by the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens

24 April 2012 at Densholme Farm

This meeting brought together people from the region who are involved in projects which include community gardens or allotments or other growing opportunities. It was the third meeting organised by the Federation for this region.  (Transition Hull members have attended all three meetings and have been glad of the opportunity to meet a wide range of people and hear about their particular projects.  Each event involves some practical work and a tour of the venue. )

The most recent meeting was held at Densholme Farm, at Great Hatfield, near Hornsea. This organic wheat farm also supports a community care farm, open to people of all ages and backgrounds.  There is a lot happening at the farm, including many recent developments. Our tour took us round plantings of young fruit trees, and nut trees such as walnut and hazel. Hens were housed in one area of orchard, and there were areas for pigs, ponies and hedgehogs!  Green house, vegetable patch, herb garden with pond and a herb spiral, and a new building to act as classroom/meeting venue.

After the tour we worked at various tasks – I was weeding parsnips (my favourite vegetable), others were harvesting broccoli and another group prepared a lunch of roasted vegetables, humus, salads and fresh boiled eggs from the farm’s hens.

After lunch we heard about each other’s projects, which are listed below .(I have given websites where they exist but not all have relevant info about the projects.) Some people then had to leave and the remainder of us worked together to draft a bid to the Co-op for a grant so that we can put the group on a permanent footing and hold regular events.

Densholme Farm

Woodmansey Site of Recycling Unlimited

Probe Food 360

The Greenfingers Gang  at Hornsea, connected with local charity Children and Family Action

Molescroft Grange Community Allotments

Transition Hull

Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens

JP, 30.04.12

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