Constable St Field Update

‘Friends of Constable Street Field’ Consultation Meeting

This open meeting was called to propose the formation of a ‘Friends of Constable Street Field’ group. This group would have a major say in how the field is managed, maintained and used.

The field is a shared resource for the community and needs to be cared for.  It is hoped that the ‘Friends of . . .’ group would promote its use by organising events to take place on the field, encouraging local residents to use it more often, invite local projects to use the space and look to promote a diverse range of activities.

The meeting took place on Monday 15 April 2013 at 7pm at Boulevard Village Hall and was attended by 24 people. About half of these were local residents. Other people attending included the two local councillors Nadine Fudge and Daren Hale, plus other representatives from Hull City Council, and people from Giroscope, Groundworks, TimeBank, Transition Hull and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

As part of a local improvement scheme, Hull City Council is 100% behind residents getting involved with the Constable Street Field.

The meeting was asked to say what they would like to see happen on the field, and a lot of ideas were generated, including allotments, community garden, sports activities, play equipment, a proper path, seating area, barbeque site, fruit trees and so on. It was agreed that the site is large enough to accommodate a number of these ideas. The issue of security was discussed; locking up the entire area would mean the path across the site would become inaccessible, but fencing off an area for growing might help.

In the short term it was agreed that a litter pick-up session would take place this Saturday 20 April 2013 from 1.00pm, with everyone encouraged to come and join in. At a later date a major clearance event would be organised with help from the council with a barbeque to follow.

The next meeting of all those interested in taking the group forward is to be held on Monday 29 April 2013, starting at 6pm on the field, and adjourning to the Criterion on Hessle Road.

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