Report on Woodland Trust Talk

The Woodland Trust

Alan Hunton and Tony Burgoyne, volunteers with the Woodland Trust,  gave an interesting, informative and entertaining presentation to a group of 25 Transition Hull and Hull Friends of the Earth members in October.  They dealt first with ancient trees and ancient woodland in Yorkshire, giving local examples and covering coppicing, pollarding, biodiversity, cataloguing and preservation. The rest of the talk covered the various ways the Trust works to promote preservation and enjoyment of woodland, including various projects with children via schools or scout groups,  and making free trees available to community groups which are in a position to plant them. For more information about the Trust see   Membership is only £33 a year and on joining members receive a welcome pack of material, and subsequently regular copies of a beautifully illustrated magazine, Broadleaf, with articles about various Trust sites and activities, and wider woodland issues.

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