Fracking Update

A lot of recent stuff on fracking:

National Trust calls for frack-free zones and warns of shale gas dangers

Ecotricity asks you to look at our latest short film about fracking – put together to lend support to local communities opposed to shale gas fracking and to highlight the fact that many British households are inadvertently supporting shale gas through their energy bills. (Ecotricity guarantees its gas is frack-free which, along with its 100% green electricity and ethical pricing, is a true alternative to The Big Six energy companies)

Chalk Aquifer of Yorkshire and North Humberside: Some interesting reading about our aquifer, which may be at risk from local proposals to frack.

Local event  Onshore gas exploration, development and production – a commercial perspective – Thur 3 April 2014, 5.30 to 7pm, Village Hotel, Henry Boot Way, Priory Way, Hessle, Hull HU4 7DY . The speaker is Mr David Montague-Smith, Chairman, Rathlin Energy, who have production sites in Yorkshire and exploratory sites near Beverley. The talk will be 30 – 40 minutes with time allowed for questions.

For those in Graham Stuart’s constituency, please be aware that he is inviting you to complete a survey of opinion on fracking. Beware of Q3: if you answer it, you are agreeing that fracking is OK under some conditions.

Polly Higgins, the lawyer who is working on legislation to eradicate ecocide at international level, has commented on the two continents where fracking has been happening and people are reacting strongly against it.

Friends of the Earth invites fracking campaigners from across Yorkshire and the Midlands to come together on Saturday 29 March between 10.30am and 4pm in Doncaster

Not for Shale Legal Block In order to frack, the energy companies need to drill down and then horizontally, even if that means under your home. You have the legal right to refuse them permission. Drilling without your permission would be trespass and breaking the law. In less than two minutes you can join nearly 30,000 others who’ve already said no to drilling under their homes. Anyone can join the fracking block: you don’t need to be a home owner.

HEY Frack Off Local campaign website


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