Intriguing advert in the paper last week, under the heading NOTHING HAPPENED

Sunday October 19th. Children played and parents read the papers; fridges hummed, the internet connected and TVs buzzed with cooks and politicians; phones recharged, the heating kicked in and the lights went out at bedtime. 

Everything was just as it should be. No one noticed that around nine million homes worth of electricity had simply ‘disappeared’ after four nuclear power stations had shut down and Didcot went up in flames. No one noticed because Britain’s windmills carried on turning, powering almost 25% of our country. It was a historic event that went almost unnoticed; one revolution after another quietly secured our energy needs. The lights didn’t go out. We have wind energy to thanks for that.

The advert was placed by Ecotricity, a green energy company sourcing all their electricity from renewable sources and investing profit into new renewable schemes.

Anyone still obtaining their energy from ‘the big six’ might want to think about changing to a smaller supplier which supports renewables. The following two companies source 100% of their electricity from renewable sources.


Good Energy



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