Low Carbon Energy: Thorium Power

Hull Friends of the Earth and Transition Hull present one of a series of talks and discussions looking at low-carbon energy possibilities for the future:

What if we had a nuclear fuel that was low risk, low waste and sustainable? Surprisingly such a fuel does exist; it is thorium.

Thoriuman alternative approach to sustainable energy production

Professor Bob Cywinski, Dean of Applied Sciences at University of Huddersfield

will discuss in laymen’s terms the role that thorium could play in future power generation

Tranby Room, Staff House, Hull University HU6 7RX

Thursday 21st May 2015 at 6.45pm

Admission free; all welcome

There is considerable debate about whether the twin global crises of energy shortage and climate change can be mitigated by nuclear power, particularly as there is continuing concern about the safety of uranium and plutonium fuelled power generation , the management of nuclear waste and the issue of proliferation. But what if we had a nuclear fuel that was low risk, low waste and sustainable? 

Surprisingly such a fuel does exist: it is thorium. In this presentation Professor Cywinski will discuss the role that thorium could play in future power generation, and suggest innovative methods by which thorium could be used to fuel an alternative, and a safer, nuclear future.

Professor Bob Cywinski has held a number of research posts in Britain and Australia, and currently holds a research professorship at Huddersfield University. He is actively involved in the development of new particle accelerator technology for cancer therapy and for the generation of safe nuclear energy. He has played a significant role in international science research programmes and acts as a scientific advisor to several national and international science facilities and institutions. He is a founder member of the Thorium Energy Amplifier Association [THOREA].  Bob actively promotes the public understanding of science and has made a number of science movies.

Next talk in this series: Thursday 15th October 6.45 at Tranby Room Staff House, Hull University HU6 7RX; Whatever happened to Tidal Power? Presented by Professor Jack Hardisty of Hull University.

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