Permablitz! Mon 12 June Constable Community Allotment

The next Transition & Permaculture Hull event will be a Permablitz held from 7pm on Monday 12 June 2017 at Constable Community Allotment, Constable St, Hull HU3 3DF

‘Many hands make light work’

A Permablitz is a session where people get together on a site and set to on tasks which need doing (working as far as possible within a permaculture ethos). The evening session at Constable Community Allotment will focus on all the little jobs which need doing, and having lots of people mucking in together can make this a fun event. Please come and lend a hand if you can. Tools and gloves are provided but you may wish to bring your own.

If you haven’t yet visited the allotment, take this opportunity to come along and be impressed with what we’ve done so far!

Tea and biscuits will be available, bring cake to share if you can. If it is raining heavily the event will be postponed. More information from Lausanne Tranter on 07816 141169

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