Hambacher Forest Solidarity Event, Tue 13 March, Hull

This is a last-minute event in solidarity with imprisoned activists trying to defend an ancient woodland (Hambacher Forest) in Germany from RWE coal-mining company.

The Hambacher Forest is situated next to the worlds biggest lignite coal mine in Germany. It is an ancient woodland, millions of years old, and home to many endangered species of animals, birds and plants.  It is under constant threat of complete destruction by the mining company RWE, but since 2012 Hambacher Forest has been home to an occupation, a group of activists living in treehouses and tents, resisting RWE.

Recently, during the last cutting season when the forest is most endangered, 9 activists were arrested. 5 have been released, but 4 are still incarcerated.

Some Hambacher residents are currently touring Europe to raise awareness about the struggle, and to write letters of encouragement and solidarity to the prisoners.  They will be at Ground in Hull this coming Tuesday 13th March.  There will be films and a presentation about the occupation, and letter writing to the Hambi 4. There will be food and great music by the Improvisers Circle and Rave Machine! Donations to try and cover the travel costs welcomed.

See facebook event:   https://www.facebook.com/events/343464759491176/

and a lot of info etc at hambachforest.org

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