Down to Earth visit, Sun 15 Sep 2019

Transition & Permaculture Hull has received the following invitation to visit the Down to Earth Plot and take part in their small mammal survey. The Plot covers several allotments on the Newland site, has mature trees and a tree nursery, growing areas for fruit, veg and herbs, a wildflower area, and various other habitats. Previously developed and maintained by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Hull Friends of the Earth, Down to Earth Hull have taken it on with the aim of promoting an appreciation and understanding of plants and the environment.  

Small Mammal Survey at ‘The Plot’
9.30 am to 11 am Sunday 15 September 2019

In September Down to Earth Hull will be doing a survey at The Plot to see which small mammal species (possibly voles, wood mice and shrews) might be living there in the various habitats we’ve created. The survey involves setting special live traps which capture the animals humanely and are stocked with bedding and food for their ‘stay’. Members of Transition & Permaculture Hull are invited to come along to join us as we open the traps on 15th September to see which species have been caught. (Please note that no dogs are permitted at the event.) As part of the activity there will be a site tour and light refreshments on offer.

Please use the contact form on the T&P Hull website to let us know if you would like to attend.

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