About Transition & Permaculture Hull

If you think the world has gone consumer mad, using up its precious resources without thought for future generations, you are probably on our wavelength. We are trying to ‘live more lightly’ on the earth. We are interested in ‘growing our own’ and developing community spaces for growing where opportunities arise. We are interested in finding out about permaculture as a tool for using natural systems and conserving resources. We are interested in renewable energy sources, but also reducing our energy consumption. We’re all for recycling, but that’s if we can’t actually reuse the item, or mend it. We’re happy when local food outlets survive and expand despite the competition from supermarkets.

We’re also keen to have a bit more community-based entertainment away from the TV, and activities for kids which develop skills that a computer game can’t.

If you think you might like to join us, please fill in the contact form on the website. Up until the Covid crisis we met monthly, generally on the 2nd Monday of the month, at the Friends Meeting House on Bean Street, Hull HU3 2PR (https://goo.gl/maps/dpUoqnHXWEzUCwYd8 )

We support Constable Community Allotment, which we kickstarted a number of years ago, and which has become a thriving community space. Currently it is closed to visitors because of the lockdown. For further information about the allotment or Transition & Permaculture Hull please ring 07816 141169 to speak to our co-ordinator Lausanne.

We have a library of books you can borrow, and a collection of films you can arrange to borrow.

In a normal year we organise programmes of film showings or talks in the spring and the autumn, which are free to attend. Refreshments are provided and there’s usually an opportunity for discussion. The website advertises forthcoming events.

We organise visits to sites which are being developed by people with an interest in permaculture. The best way to find out about these is to join our mailing list.

We are one of many community-based Transition Initiatives around the world and belong to the Transition Network.  The Network aims to inspire, encourage and support local communities in exploring the transition from oil dependency to localised economies.

Waiting for governments to take action on climate change is pointless. There is plenty we can do ourselves, right away.

By thinking and acting together, the transition to a way of living that allows us to consume substantially less carbon energy and lead happier, more fulfilling and abundant lives will be that much more achievable.

This website was set up in October 2010 after we became an official Transition Initiative. Prior to that we had a blogspot which can still be accessed at http://www.transitionhull.blogspot.com/

In 2016 Transition Hull merged with the Hull Permaculture Network, changed its name to Transition & Permaculture Hull and became a group member of the Permaculture Association.

We have been fortunate in receiving funding from a number of local or national sources since we first started, including

  • Hull City Council Community Initiatives Budget (St Andrew’s Ward)
  • Hessle Road Carnival & Pram Race Trust
  • The Tudor Trust Community Futures Programme
  • Playscape in the Community
  • Cooperative Membership Community Fund
  • Grassroots Endowment and Two Ridings Community Foundation
  • Lush Charity Pot

updated March 2021