Transition & Permaculture Hull Library

To arrange to borrow any of the library books listed below, please send in a request via the contact form on the website.

The Transition Handbook, Rob Hopkins  (2008)

The Transition Companion,  Rob Hopkins  (2011)

The Power of Just Doing Stuff,  Rob Hopkins (2013)

21 Stories of Transition,  Rob Hopkins  (2015)

The Art of Rapid Transition: How to thrive in times of crisis, Ed: D Boyle, A Simms (2010)

Backyard Composting, John Roulac (1999)

Composting: an easy household guide, Nicky Scott (2005)

Cutting your car use, Anna Semlyen (2000)

Saving the Planet without Costing the Earth, Donnachadh McCarthy (2004)

The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard (2010)

Home-Grown Vegetables, Diana Galligan (2007)

Permaculture:  A beginners guide, Graham Burnett  (2012)

7 ways to think differently, Looby Macnamara (2014)

Zen in the Art of Permaculture Design, Stefan Geyer  (2016)

Permaculture and Climate Change Adaptation,  Thomas Henfrey & Gil Penha-Lopes (2015)

The Killing of the Countryside, Graham Harvey (1997)

Tomorrow’s World: Britain’s share in a sustainable future, Duncan McLaren, Simon Bullock, Nusrat Yousuf (1998)

40 Green World Actions, Christian Fenger  (2006)

The Greenpeace Book of Water,  Klaus Lanz (1995)

Organic Gardening Techniques, Nick Hamilton (2008)

Organic Bible, Bob Flowerdew (2003)

Planet Organic: Organic Living,  Lynda Brown  (2000)

Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser (2002)

Do humans dream of electric cars?, Sustrans  (2009)

Tescopoly,  Andrew Simms (2007)

Farmageddon : The true cost of cheap meat, Philip Lymbery, Isabel Oakeshott (2014)

Carbon Detox: your step by step guide to getting real about climate change, George Marshall  (2007)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: an easy household guide, Nicky Scott (2004)

Green Up! An A-Z of environmentally friendly home improvements, Will Anderson (2007)

The Little Book of Garden Heroes, Allan Shepherd (2004)

The Little Green Book,  Green Alliance (1979)

Green Action, New Internationalist (2005)

Rescue our world: 52 brilliant little ideas for becoming an eco-hero, Natalia Marshall (2008)

Battle for the Environment, Tony Aldous (1972)

Richard’s Bicycle Book, Richard Ballantine  (1977)

A blueprint for survival,  The Ecologist (Eds)  (1973)

Small is Beautiful, E F Schumacher  (1973)

In a Green Shade: Essays on landscape, Richard Mabey  (1983)

Green Political Thought, Andrew Dobson  (1995)

Seeing Green: the politics of ecology explained, Jonathan Porritt  (1984)

How many lightbulbs does it take to change a planet: 95 Ways to save Planet Earth, Tony Juniper (2007)

Saving Planet Earth, Tony Jupiter (2007)

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