Transition & Permaculture Hull Event

Mon 14 October, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm at the Friends Meeting House, Bean St, Hull. John Robinson will be giving an illustrated talk about developing a forest garden at his property in Lincolnshire.


Hull Civic Society’s programme for Heritage Open Days in September includes:

Inglehome – low energy superhome

A terraced house which has been transformed into a dwelling with zero energy bills, by means of a whole range of improvements. The owner will give you a tour and indicate how the various changes were implemented.  Sun 22 Sept, 11 am to 3pm, booking required.



Urban Tree Challenge Fund

The Urban Tree Challenge Fund (UTCF) seeks to plant at least 130,000 trees. It provides funding to support the planting and establishment of large and small trees in urban and peri-urban areas in England. The support is competitive and targeted at projects that can provide the greatest environmental, social and economic benefits in our towns and cities. Public bodies, community groups, charities and non-government organisations, individuals and private companies who provide matched funding are eligible to apply.

The Woodland Trust is offering free trees to schools and communities. Apply now and the trees will be delivered in November 2019

Treesisters  is a grassroots network of women planting over two million trees a year in the tropics. These are women committed to the restoration of our forests and the rebalancing of humanity’s relationship with the natural world, and you can join them.

Friends of the Earth Trees Campaign  calls for the tree cover in the UK to be doubled by 2045 as one of the best solutions to protect the environment and achieve net zero emissions. To sign the petition and read more:

Tree Aid is a UK Charity which works with communities in Africa to ensure they have the resources, training and support to grow and restore trees on their land.

Tree Aid

Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees. It uses the advertising revenue from your searches to plant trees where they are needed most.


Transition & Permaculture Hull is part of the Transition Network

Transition & Permaculture Hull has a copies of Transition Network Publications which can be borrowed on request

  • 21 Stories of Transition
  • The Transition Handbook
  • The Transition Companion
  • The Power of Just Doing Stuff
  • In Transition 1.0 DVD: from oil dependence to local resilience
  • In Transition 2.0 DVD: a story of resilience and hope
  • Voices of Transition DVD : community-led food production


Sites suggested by Transition & Permaculture Hull members:

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