Transition & Permaculture Day

Sat 11 August 2018 at Constable Community Allotment

If you would like to have a stall at this event or give a talk or run a workshop, or help in any other way, please get in touch with Lausanne on 07816 141169


Who should Feed the World?

This article in the Guardian on 5 June 2018, prompted by the proposed merger between Monsanto and Bayer, examines the power of multinationals over proprietary seeds, and fertilisers and pesticides for growing food. It it highlights an Indian community seedbank as an example of how it might be possible to preserve the huge amount of traditional varieties we may need in an uncertain future.

More about the merger and a petition against it at


The Trans Pennine Trail is a national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in parts) horse riders. It goes through Hull and on to Hornsea. Find out more at

The website has an Events section which lists events and activities which are taking place near the trail  There’s little listed for this side of the country at the moment, but if you want to advertise an event near the trail which would interest walkers and cyclists, please get in touch with the Trans Pennine Trail team through the website.


Transition & Permaculture Hull is part of the Transition Network

2018 Transition Network Newsletter

Publication 21 Stories of Transition

Transition & Permaculture Hull has a copy of this publication, and copies of previous Transition publications – The Transition Handbook, The Transition Companion, The Power of Just Doing Stuff – all available to borrow from the Transition & Permaculture Hull library – use the website contact form to get in touch.


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