Permaculture links

The Permaculture Association

See the Permaculture Association Website at to get an idea of the range of activities and projects in the UK and beyond.

To locate specific Learning and Network Demonstration (LAND) sites to visit in the UK see

Transition & Permaculture Hull is a group member of the Permaculture Association and we receive several copies of their quartlerly newsletter, which we make available at meetings.

Permaculture Magazine


A quarterly publication available in print and online versions, with a wealth of articles, reviews and readers suggestions. Subscriptions are very reasonable at £12 a year for the digital version. For the printed version the rates are £14.95 a year or £27.95 for 2 years, and this also gives access to the digital version and the digital archives.

Permaculture’s Green Shopping

Small independent Permaculture Publisher with a range of books, DVDs and some related tools and equipment

Permaculture Principles website

Explore the Permaculture Principles

Permaculture Principles website was created in 2007 as a way to introduce the concept of Permaculture to a wider audience and make permaculture publications more widely available online. The permaculture concepts outlined in this website were developed by permaculture co-originator David Holmgren who is based in Australia.

The website and its resources were a collaborative design effort by David Holmgren and graphic artist Richard Telford. The Resource section is excellent, with posters available for free download, videos to view and lots of links.

 The Children in Permaculture project

Children in Permaculture

Obituary of Bill Mollison

Bill Mollison, was an ecologist and one of the co-creators of permaculture. He was born 4 May 1928 and died 24 September 2016. Here is a link to his obituary in the Guardian,  written by Matt Dunwell, with accompanying photo