Hull Growers Handbook 2021

If you’re looking for specific information about what to sow and grow in Hull, download the Growers_Handbook_2021, newly updated for 2021.

This handbook is for people in Hull or East Yorkshire with an interest in
locally-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs. The information in it is updated
every year and is available as a PDF download from various websites. Produced by Hull Growers Network ( in collaboration with Hull Food Partnership ( the booklet is aimed at new or amateur growers, and families with children interested in growing their own food. There are guides on which
vegetables to try growing as a beginner and when to sow. It gives advice on
buying gardening tools and is also a directory of community gardening sites
in Hull that can be contacted. While it is not intended to be an exhaustive
instruction manual on how to grow veg, it can point you towards gardens, allotments and people in and near Hull that can provide examples of how to do things successfully. Many people prefer to learn by doing, so here you will find local sites demonstrating different techniques. As a new gardener learning how to grow, the amount of information available can be overwhelming, especially on the Internet. Information found online may not always be applicable to our local climate and soil so the information in this booklet has been selected with the growing conditions of Hull and East Yorkshire in mind.

View or download the pdf file here Growers_handbook_2021

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